Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Feed Greatness, Week 1

I haven't received any emails from Purina at this stage. Perhaps they don't think I should be seeing any particular changes as of yet. That's OK, I tend to think it's a bit soon to be seeing anything in particular.

So far, the only thing which might remotely be linked to the supplement is all three horses seem to be eating better. Unfortunately, 6 days prior to starting this feed, we also made the annual switch from pasture mix hay to mountain oat hay. The pasture mix is available about 6-9 months per year, after which we get the mountain oat, which is generally available about 4-6 months per year. Both are very seasonal, and because we can't store a whole year's worth of hay, we are at the mercy of the market. The thing about the mountain oat is, it seems all the horses really prefer it to the pasture mix, and all the horses are eating better. So there's no way to really link it to the Outlast.

Since there are 9 horses here, we are doing this with a little bit of experimenting in mind. 4 horses are not getting any gut supplement at all. 1 horse is getting the U-Gard, which was Demon's previous gut supplement. 1 horse is getting Ul-Cer-Aid. 2 are getting the Outlast, and were not getting anything before. 1 is getting the Outlast in lieu of the U-Gard. I figure we'll have a somewhat better chance of noting any changes if we have horses who are not getting anything and some who are getting a different product.

The weight tape thing I found rather funny. It measures Hoss at just over 1,000 pounds. He's been using the same saddle and girth for some time, and has been on the same girth holes for quite a while, at least 6 months. This despite having visibly gained weight. Demon measures just under 850 pounds. This came as a shock, as I've measured him before (with a different tape) at 900, and he looks heavier to me now than he did then. It was DC's measurement which really got me skeptical. She measures just over 850. Last time I measured her, again, a different tape, she was barely 750. She's definitely heavier than she was then, but 100 pounds? I find it hard to believe. Additionally, I find it difficult to credit she's heavier at 14.1hh than Demon at 15hh. She's a super petite little thing. I'd believe 800 right now, but not 850.

The point of the weight tape really isn't about accuracy. It's about change over time. So I will shake my head and laugh, while recognizing the utility of the measurement, even if the numbers are suspect.

Purina still has not sent any follow-up information. Perhaps they're waiting for a month or so. I suspect they figure most consumers are feeding 1 horse, so they may send follow-ups at an interval of expected use of a bag. We'll see.

This is the Outlast Sell Sheet

Based on a closer reading of this, I'm not entirely convinced I'm feeding this at the rate Purina expects. I'm giving each horse 1 cup, which is a single serving, in their regular bucket feed every day. The sell sheet says: Typical feeding rate is 3-4 times per day—top-dressed with each meal and a snack 30-60 minutes prior to a stressful event. Well, we're doing 2 hay meals per day plus buckets at lunchtime. Unless I sprinkle it on their hay, all they're going to get is one serving. I don't see us changing the way we do things anytime soon, and it's not like anyone seems to be suffering, so we'll keep going as we are.

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  1. Yeah I was surprised by the weight measures of Demon vs DC but your conclusion to measure progress seems appropriate. Curious to see how this goes.