Friday, December 22, 2017

2018 Ride Year Goals

I have generally made a habit of setting goals for each new ride year. Since I'm blogging again, I will set those goals out here.

2017 was a bit of a disappointment. After my shoulder surgery in late January, Beth also underwent several surgeries, requiring me to stay close to home. Hoss was bitten by a rattlesnake in mid-June and while he recovered exceptionally well, and finished a 50 a mere 2 months later, the first weeks required intensive attention on my part. Then there were 2 cross-country trips to pick up horses (2 broodmares to breed to Demon, and a horse for a friend). Brake failure in the trailer led to many hours of trouble shooting and several missed events. The truck also required serious work on its brakes as a result of the trailer brakes having quit. DC suffered a tie-up at Grand Canyon, then was pulled lame at Git-R-Done (stone bruise; her sole is still mushy). Hoss managed to complete 100 miles total, and Demon got one day done at Gold Rush Shuffle. I was so sick with asthma it was a miracle we were able to complete the course together.

Ah, well. Onward and forward.

The big advantage of having completed at least one 50 on Hoss and Demon is they're both still on track for a longevity award, and to get Decade Team awards in 10 years. This is especially significant for Hoss. 2017 was his 8th consecutive year of endurance competition. He crossed 4,000 miles at Grand Canyon. It is my goal to have him at 5,000 miles at the end of his 10th competition year. 2018 will be his 9th year. I'm hoping to get at least 500 miles on him in 2018.

I do know I will be scheduling surgery to have my left hip replaced. This will happen sometime after March 15th. I had a hip injection on December 15th, which, unlike the last injection which did nothing, seems to have made matters worse. I was hoping for a little relief, as I can't do the surgery until after my daughter's wedding on February 28th. Unfortunately, it does not appear I will realize that hope, and will have to soldier on until I get the surgery.

My last hip replacement went remarkably well, and if it hadn't been for several unexpected misfortunes in the family, I would likely have been back to competing that summer. As it was, I barely managed to get one 50 on Hoss in the 2014 ride year. I'm hoping this replacement goes as well as the first, but I'm hedging my bets. I am hoping to get at least one 50 on all three horses before I have the surgery. Demon has already completed a 50, at Coso Junction. Between now and when I have surgery, I will be taking horses to as many rides as I can squeeze in.

Mileage goals are pretty simple this year. At least 50 on each horse before mid-March. 500 on Hoss before the end of the ride year. Anything more will be cake.


  1. I’m still puzzling over my ride schedule... I’ve been concentrating on building up Miss Scarlotta’s foundation (295 LD mi last season) & plan at some point to see if she can do 50’s, but I also need to select a nice destination 50 to round out Baraq’s Decade Team accomplishment. Gonna do my best to get back out to GC this year.

    1. Yeah. so much of what I will do this year is a question. Having a hip replacement makes it tough to make concrete plans. It could go really well, or I could really struggle this time. So I'm trying to get as many miles as I can before I have the surgery. I hope I'll be back in the saddle for Grand Canyon, too.