Thursday, May 1, 2014

Goals for 2014

Having undergone hip replacement surgery, I had really planned to take 2014 off. It's not working out that way.

The improvement with the new hip is amazing. I'm even able to mount Hoss easily from the ground (although I'll use a block or a rock or a stump if one is available). When we did the 20 mile ride at Cuyamaca, it became clear I haven't exactly lost a huge amount of fitness. I felt it on Sunday morning, and I knew I'd ridden 20 miles, but I wasn't crippled or anything.

Now I'm doing the 30 mile ride at Vail Lake in a couple of weeks, and I'm contemplating the 50 at Descanso. I know, I said in the previous post I don't like doing the 50 at Descanso, and that hasn't changed, but there's a reason. I'm also planning to do the Virginia City 100.

Yep. I said it. The Virginia City 100.

Now, Virginia City is in September. I could, quite easily, get Hoss and myself ready without doing any endurance rides between now and then. I just think it's easier to get ourselves prepared mentally if we get to a ride or two. And the only endurance ride I can reasonably get to between now and then is Descanso.

Nothing is simple, of course, so I have a bit of a conflict. My niece will be singing her very first solo in the Youth Benefit Concert at our church that very Saturday night. So I had better be able to boogie on down the trail. I haven't absolutely decided to do the 50 yet, although my entry is in for the 50 (I entered before I realized the conflict). To that end, we'll see how we do at Vail Lake, and get in some long solo rides and see how we do in that regard before I make a final decision.

So, here are my extremely simple goals for 2014:

Get a few rides done.

Go to Virginia City 100 (note I did not say *complete*)

Have fun!

Hoss having a good roll after a ride to the beach at Sun Coast Farms

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