Friday, April 11, 2014

But What About DC

You may recall I have two horses. The famous (or is it more appropriately infamous?) Hoss gets plenty of "air" time. What about the redoubtable Miss DC?

My lovely little mare is doing very well. Way back in August, when it was clear I would be getting a new hip installed, I decided to breed her. I knew there would be little time to ride her, and I certainly wasn't able to ride her much before the new hip. So, she got to make a baby.

Baby Cthulhu is due in July. Already DC is showing a great deal of pregnancy. I had to stop riding her almost two months ago. She still gets to go with me and the dogs on a daily two mile hike to help keep her fit.

Pregnancy has settled DC a bit. Immediately after she was bred, her demeanor changed. She became more focused and attentive. She wanted to spend time with me. She was more apt to do what she was asked. She is more reliable and predictable.

 I took her to a gymkhana in early February. She was already showing pregnancy, and she garnered many oohs and aahs. Being herself quite lovely, the thought of her baby makes people happy.

 DC performed very well at the gymkhana. She listened to my direction and was quite clever. As we were finishing one event, several papers blew into the arena. I saw them out of the corner of my eye, and DC asked me about them, but as far as the spectators could tell, she never flinched. Indeed, several people felt the need to shout at me to alert me to the presence of the papers. I calmly responded, "Yes, we see them!" and rode on out of the arena. We didn't win any ribbons, but we had fun together and got some "girl time."

Six months

Six and a half months

Seven and a half months

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